Pet Care

We at Everest Pharmacy not only care for your health needs but also the health of your pets. Treating your pet promptly is important as each female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Those flea eggs end up in your carpets, bedding and soft furnishings where they hatch, first into larvae, before eventually developing into adult fleas. The longer your pet remains untreated, the more fleas build up in the environment. It can take up to three months to get on top of a flea infestation for this very reason. We now stock Frontline, Advantage and Drontal products.


There is no flea product that can repel fleas but treating your dog regularly with FRONTLINE Plus or FRONTLINE Spot On ensures that fleas are killed within 24 hours, before they can lay eggs. New ‘hitchhiker’ fleas can be picked up outdoors mainly in the warmer months, or indoors all year round but those will be killed within 24 hours too.
It’s important to make sure all the dogs and cats in the household are treated and that they are continuously treated all year round.

Advantage / Drontal

Drontal worming tablets and Advantage spot-on flea treatment work in perfect partnership to help protect your pets against intestinal worms and fleas. By using our products at regular intervals, you can rest assured that you are doing the best for your pet, and helping to protect them against these common parasites.

Advantage Spot On solution can be used for both the treatment and prevention of flea infestations, and the treatment of biting lice on dogs.

Advantage also kills flea larvae in the home, wherever the treated pet goes. Fleas are killed within one day following treatment.

Advantage 100, for dogs weighing between 4 and 10kg.
Advantage 250, for dogs weighing 10 to 25kg.
Advantage 400, for dogs weighing 25 to 40kg.

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